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We dig dig digga-dig dig!


This is a diversion from my usual recipes - recently I've become interested in cryptocurrency, both in mining, and in investing.

I honestly didn't expect to enjoy the mining process as much as I did. Part of the enjoyment was getting my hands dirty with hardware.

Since a mining rig relies on hardware, we can't really use a docker swarm for this one!

CryptoMiner Screenshot

This recipe isn't for everyone - if you just want to make some money from cryptocurrency, then you're better off learning to invest or trade. However, if you want to (ideally) make money and you like tinkering, playing with hardware, optimising and monitoring, read on!


  1. Suitable system guts (CPU, motherboard, RAM, PSU) for your mining rig
  2. AMD / Nvidia GPUs (yes, plural, since although you can start with just one, you'll soon get hooked!)
  3. A friendly operating system (Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS7) are known to work
  4. Patience and time


For readability, I've split this recipe into multiple sub-recipes, which can be found below, or in the navigation links on the right-hand side:

  1. Build your mining rig 💻
  2. Setup your AMD or Nvidia GPUs 🎨
  3. Sign up for mining pools 🏊
  4. Setup your miners with Miner Hotel 🏨
  5. Send your coins to exchanges or wallets 💹
  6. Monitor your empire 💓
  7. Profit! 💰

Chef's Notes

  1. Ultimately I hope to move all the configuration / mining executables into docker containers, but for now, they're running on a CentOS7 host for direct access to GPUs. (Apparently it may be possible to pass-thru the GPUs to docker containers, but I wanted stability first, before abstracting my hardware away from my miners)

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