This is not a complete recipe - it's a component of the cryptominer "uber-recipe", but has been split into its own page to reduce complexity.

Mining Pools

You and your puny GPUs don't have a snowball's chance of mining a block on your own. Your only option is to join a mass mining conglomerate (a mining pool), throw in your share of the effort for a share of the reward.


Setup accounts at mining pools

This'll save you some frustration later... Next time you're watching a movie or doing something mindless, visit http://whattomine.com/, and take note of the 10-15 most profitable coins for your GPU type(s).

On your exchanges, identify the "deposit address" for each popular coin, and note them down for the next step.


If you're wanting to mine directly to a wallet for long-term holding, then substitute your wallet public address for this deposit address.

Now work your way through the following list of pools, creating an account on each one you want as you go. In the case of each pool/coin, setup your "payout address" to match your change address for the coin (above).

  • Mining Pool Hub (Lots of coins)
  • NiceHash (Ethereum, Decred)
  • suprnova - Lots of coins, but, you generally need a separate login for each pool. You also need to create a worker in each pool with a common username and password, for Minerhotel.
  • nanopool (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, SiaCoin, ZCash, Monero, Pascal and Electroneum)
  • slushpool (BTC and ZCash)


Avoid fees

As noted by IronicBadger here, the name of the game is avoiding fees where possible. Here are a few tips:

  • Mining Pool Hub is a popular pool for multiple coins, and it allows you (for a fee) to auto-exchange the coins you mine for coins that you actually want.
  • NiceHash will allow you to send your earned bitcoin (whatever you mine, they pay you in bitcoin) to coinbase for free.

Continue your adventure

Now, continue to the next stage of your grand mining adventure:

  1. Build your mining rig 💻
  2. Setup your AMD or Nvidia GPUs 🎨
  3. Sign up for mining pools 🏊
  4. Setup your miners with Miner Hotel 🏨
  5. Send your coins to exchanges (This page) or wallets 💹
  6. Monitor your empire 💓
  7. Profit! 💰

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