This is not a complete recipe - it's a component of the cryptominer "uber-recipe", but has been split into its own page to reduce complexity.


You may be mining a particular coin, and want to hold onto it, in the hopes of long-term growth. The safest place to stick that coin, therefore, is an a wallet.


Get your wallets

Your favorite coin probably has a link to various desktop wallets on their website. All you have to do is download the wallet to your desktop, fire it up, and then backup your public/private key somewhere safe.

Wallets I use

I mine most of my coins to Exchanges, but I do have the following wallets:

  • Jaxx on my iPhone for popular coins (BTC, ETH, etc)
  • Eleos wallet for ZClassic

Continue your adventure

Now, continue to the next stage of your grand mining adventure:

  1. Build your mining rig 💻
  2. Setup your AMD or Nvidia GPUs 🎨
  3. Sign up for mining pools 🏊
  4. Setup your miners with Miner Hotel 🏨
  5. Send your coins to exchanges or wallets (This page) 💹
  6. Monitor your empire 💓
  7. Profit! 💰

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