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iBeacons with Home assistant


This is not a complete recipe - it's an optional additional of the HomeAssistant "recipe", since it only applies to a subset of users

One of the most useful features of Home Assistant is location awareness. I don't care if someone opens my office door when I'm home, but you bet I care about (and want to be notified) it if I'm away!


  1. HomeAssistant per recipe
  2. iBeacon(s) - This recipe is for
  3. LightBlue Explorer


Write UUID to iBeacon

The iBeacons come with no UUID. We use the LightBlue Explorer app to pair with them (code is "123456"), and assign own own UUID.

Generate your own UUID, or get a random one at

Plug in your iBeacon, launch LightBlue Explorer, and find your iBeacon. The first time you attempt to interrogate it, you'll be prompted to pair. Although it's not recorded anywhere in the documentation (grr!), the pairing code is 123456

Having paired, you'll be able to see the vital statistics of your iBeacon.

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    Last update: January 6, 2021