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Create KeyCloak Users


This is not a complete recipe - it's an optional component of the Keycloak recipe, but has been split into its own page to reduce complexity.

Unless you plan to authenticate against an outside provider (OpenLDAP, below, for example), you'll want to create some local users..




* [X] [KeyCloak](/recipes/keycloak/) recipe deployed successfully

Create User

Within the "Master" realm (no need for more realms yet), navigate to Manage -> Users, and then click Add User at the top right:

Navigating to the add user interface in Keycloak

Populate your new user's username (it's the only mandatory field)

Populating a username in the add user interface in Keycloak

Set User Credentials

Once your user is created, to set their password, click on the "Credentials" tab, and procede to reset it. Set the password to non-temporary, unless you like extra work!

Resetting a user's password in Keycloak


We've setup users in KeyCloak, which we can now use to authenticate to KeyCloak, when it's used as an OIDC Provider, potentially to secure vulnerable services using Traefik Forward Auth.



  • Username / password to authenticate against KeyCloak

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    Last update: January 6, 2021