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CryptoNote Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency miners will "pool" their GPU resources ("hashpower") into aggregate "mining pools", so that by the combined effort of all the miners, the pool will receive a reward for the blocks "mined" into the blockchain, and this reward will be distributed among the miners.

CryptoNote is an open-source toolset designed to facilitate the creation of new privacy-focused cryptocurrencies

(CryptoNote = 'Kryptonite'. In a pool. Get it?)

CryptoNote Mining Pool Screenshot

The fact that all these currencies share a common ancestry means that a common mining pool platform can be used for miners. The following recipes all use variations of Dvandal's cryptonote-nodejs-pool

Mining Pool Recipies

  • TurtleCoin, the no-BS, fun baby cryptocurrency
  • Athena, TurtleCoin's newborn baby sister