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Welcome to Funky Penguin's Geek Cookbook

Hello world,

I'm David.

I'm a contracting IT consultant, with a broad range of experience and skills. I'm an AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional), a remote worker, I've had a book published, and I blog on topics that interest me.

Why Funky Penguin?

My first "real" job, out of high-school, was working the IT helpdesk in a typical pre-2000 organization in South Africa. I enjoyed experimenting with Linux, and cut my teeth by replacing the organization's Exchange 5.5 mail platform with a 15-site qmail-ldap cluster, with amavis virus-scanning.

One of our suppliers asked me to quote to do the same for their organization. With nothing to loose, and half-expecting to be turned down, I quoted a generous fee, and chose a cheeky company name. The supplier immediately accepted my quote, and the name ("Funky Penguin") stuck.

Technical Documentation

During the same "real" job above, I wanted to deploy jabberd, for internal instant messaging within the organization, and as a means to control the sprawl of ad-hoc instant-messaging among staff, using ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger.

To get management approval to deploy, I wrote a logger (with web UI) for jabber conversations (Bandersnatch), and a 75-page user manual (in Docbook XML) for a spunky Russian WinXP jabber client, JAJC.

Due to my contributions to phpList, I was approached in 2011 by Packt Publishing, to write a book about using PHPList.

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