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Join our geeky / selfhosted Mastodon instance

Mastondon is a self-hosted / open-source microblogging platform (heavily inspired by Twitter), which supports federation, rather than centralization. Like email, any user on any Mastodon instance can follow, "toot" (not tweet!), and reply to any user on any other instance.

Mastodon Screenshot

Our community Mastodon server is sooo FKNY, but if you're already using Mastodon on another server (or your own instance), you can seamlessly interact with us from there too, thanks to the magic of federation!

This is dumb, there's nobody here

  • Give it time. The first time you get a federated reply from someone on another instance, it just "clicks" (at least, it did for me)
  • Follow some folks (I'm
  • Install mobile client

How do I Mastodon?

  1. If you're a sponsor, check the special #mastodon channel in Discord. You'll find a super-sekrit invite URL which will get you setup instantly
  2. If you're not a sponsor, go to FNKY, and request an invite (invites must be approved to prevent abuse) - mention your Discord username in the "Why do you want to join?" question.
  3. Start tootin'!

So who do I follow?

That.. is tricky. There's no big-tech algorithm to suggest friends based on previously-collected browsing / tracking data, you'll have to build your "social graph" from the ground up, one "brick" at a time. Start by following me. Here are some more helpful links:

Code of Conduct

With the goal of creating a safe and inclusive community, we've adopted the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, as described here. This code of conduct applies to the Mastodon server.

Reporting abuse

To report a violation of our code of conduct in our Mastodon server, type use Mastodon's "report" function to report a violation, as illustrated below:

Reporting abuse in Mastodon

Moderators will be alerted to your report, who will address the issue as detailed in the enforcement guidelines.