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HAProxy health checks against kube-apiserver

There are plenty of tutorials out there about how to run a highly-available kubernetes api-server behind haproxy. Without exception however, these tutorials configure haproxy to "check" the health of the backends with a simple TCP connection. These can produce a false sense of security though...

How to run Minio in legacy FS mode again

Has your bare-metal / single-node Minio deployment started creating .xl.meta files instead of the files you actually intended to transfer? This is happening because of a significant update / deprecation in June 2022.

Here's a workaround to restore the previous behaviour..

Added recipe for Kavita (swarm)

So you've just watched a bunch of superhero movies, and you're suddenly inspired to deep-dive into the weird world of comic books? You're already rocking AutoPirate with Mylar and NZBGet to grab content, but how to manage and enjoy your growing collection?