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Join our Geeky Slack server

Do you live in Slack? Are you a master of the search, filter, status, and mobile notifications?

One of the most realtime and exciting way engage with our geeky community is in our Slack server (which is also synced with our Discord and Matrix servers)

Matrix Discord Slack

Get yer invite!

Joing a Slack server requires an invite. To get yours, go here.

Code of Conduct

With the goal of creating a safe and inclusive community, we've adopted the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, as described here. Use of the Slack server is subject to this code of conduct.


📔 Information (read-only)

The following channels are automated, and provide updates for issues like new PRs, subreddit posts, etc:

Channel Name Channel Use
#announcements Used for community announcements
#blog-posts Receives announcemnets about new Geek Cookbook Blog Posts
#cookbook-updates Issues, PRs, commits on the geek-cookbook/geek-cookbook repo
#premix-updates Issues, PRs, commits on the funkypenguin/geek-cookbook-premix repo
#forum-threads New and updated forum threads
#subreddit-posts New topics in r/funkypenguin

💬 Discussion (read-write)

Channel Name Channel Use
#introductions New? Pop in here and say hi :)
#general General chat - anything goes
#cookbook Discussions specifically around the cookbook and recipes
#kubernetes Discussions about Kubernetes
#docker-swarm Discussions about Docker Swarm
#today-i-learned Post tips/tricks you've stumbled across
#jobs For seeking / advertising jobs, bounties, projects, etc
#promotion In here you can advertise your stream, services or websites, at a limit of 2 posts per day
#dev Used for collaboration around current development.

❤️ Premium (sponsors)

Sponsors get extra super-duper secrit access to the following:

Channel Name Channel Use
#premium-chat Premium discussion
#premium-support Premium support

Spread the love (inviting others)

Invite your co-geeks to Slack by sending them a link to this page, or directly to the invite generator

Formatting your message

See Slack's help page on formatting messages, here.

Editing your most recent message

You can edit your most-recent message by pushing the up arrow, make your edits, and then push Enter to save!