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Get your FREE "elfhosted" PrivateBin instance for demo / trial 🥳

Want to see a live demo, or "kick the tyres" 🚙 before you commit to self-hosting PrivateBin?

Try out an "ElfHosted" 🧝 instance of PrivateBin for FREE!

PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server (can) has zero knowledge of pasted data. We all need to paste data / log files somewhere when it doesn't make sense to paste it inline. With PrivateBin, you can own the hosting, access, and eventual deletion of this data.

PrivateBin Screenshot

PrivateBin Requirements


Already deployed:



Setup data locations

We'll need a single location to bind-mount into our container, so create /var/data/privatebin, and make it world-writable (there might be a more secure way to do this!)

mkdir /var/data/privatebin
chmod 777 /var/data/privatebin/

PrivateBin Docker Swarm config

Create a docker swarm config file in docker-compose syntax (v3), something like the example below:

Fast-track with premix! 🚀

I automatically and instantly share (with my sponsors) a private "premix" git repository, which includes necessary docker-compose and env files for all published recipes. This means that sponsors can launch any recipe with just a git pull and a docker stack deploy 👍.

🚀 Update: Premix now includes an ansible playbook, so that sponsors can deploy an entire stack + recipes, with a single ansible command! (more here)

version: '3'

    image: privatebin/nginx-fpm-alpine
      - /var/data/privatebin:/srv/data
      - traefik_public
        # traefik common
        - traefik.enable=true

        # traefikv1
        - traefik.port=4180     

        # traefikv2
        - "traefik.http.routers.privatebin.rule=Host(``)"
        - ""
        - "traefik.enable=true"

    external: true


Launch PrivateBin stack

Launch the PrivateBin stack by running docker stack deploy privatebin -c <path -to-docker-compose.yml>

Log into your new instance at https://YOUR-FQDN, with user "root" and the password you specified in gitlab.env.

Chef's notes 📓

  1. The PrivateBin repo explains how to tweak configuration options, or to use a database instead of file storage, if your volume justifies it :) 

  2. The inclusion of Privatebin was due to the efforts of @gkoerk in our Discord server- Unfortunately on the 22nd August 2020 Jerry passed away. Jerry was very passionate and highly regarded in the field of Information Technology. He will be missed. 

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