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A basic EKS cluster

If you're already in the AWS ecosystem, it may make sense for you to deploy your Kubernetes cluster using EKS.

What follows are notes I made while establishing a very basic cluster to work on OIDC authentication for EKS using authentik.


  1. AWS CLI tools awscli and eksctl, configured for your IAM account
  2. Some spare change 💰 on your AWS account for a few hours / days of EC2 for the underlying nodepool.


Create cluster

Creating an EKS cluster is a one-line command. I ran eksctl create cluster --name funkypenguin-authentik-test --region ap-southeast-2 to create my cluster.

It took 14 minutes to complete 🤦‍♂️

Setup EBS CSI driver

The default storageclass (gp2) didn't work for me, and I like storage based on CSI, so that I can use Velero with csi-snapshotter, so I added the EBS CSI Driver. This is optional if you don't care about CSI or persistent storage!


Well, I'm done. This is probably the shortest recipe ever (although 14 min is a comparatively long time, IMO, to deploy a simple cluster). The links on this page to the various steps (OIDC, storage) will provide more detail on those particular configs.

Chef's notes 📓

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