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Add OIDC Provider to Keycloak


This is not a complete recipe - it's an optional component of the Keycloak recipe, but has been split into its own page to reduce complexity.

Having an authentication provider is not much use until you start authenticating things against it! In order to authenticate against Keycloak using OpenID Connect (OIDC), which is required for Traefik Forward Auth, we'll setup a client in Keycloak...





  • The URI(s) to protect with the OIDC provider. Refer to the Traefik Forward Auth recipe for more information


Create Client

Within the "Master" realm (no need for more realms yet), navigate to Clients, and then click Create at the top right:

Navigating to the add user interface in Keycloak

Enter a name for your client (remember, we're authenticating applications now, not users, so use an application-specific name):

Adding a client in Keycloak

Configure Client

Once your client is created, set at least the following, and click Save

  • Access Type : Confidential
  • Valid Redirect URIs : <The URIs you want to protect>

Set Keycloak client to confidential access type, add redirect URIs

Retrieve Client Secret

Now that you've changed the access type, and clicked Save, an additional Credentials tab appears at the top of the window. Click on the tab, and capture the Keycloak-generated secret. This secret, plus your client name, is required to authenticate against Keycloak via OIDC.

Capture client secret from Keycloak


We've setup an OIDC client in Keycloak, which we can now use to protect vulnerable services using Traefik Forward Auth. The OIDC URL provided by Keycloak in the master realm, is https://<your-keycloak-url>/realms/master/.well-known/openid-configuration



  • Client ID and Client Secret used to authenticate against Keycloak with OpenID Connect

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