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Ansiblizing a recipe for Kubernetes

This section is under construction 🔨

This section is a serious work-in-progress, and reflects the current development on the sponsors' "premix" repository So... There may be errors and inaccuracies. Jump into Discord in the #premium-support channel if you're encountering issues 😁

Update deploy.yml

Edit ansible/deploy.yml, and find the kubernetes section, starting with:

# Create flux manifests using localhost
- hosts: localhost

Add an import_role task like this (alphabeticized) at the bottom:

# Traefik
- { import_role: { name: flux-repo }, vars: { recipe: traefik, config: traefik }, tags: [ traefik ], when: combined_config.traefik.enabled | bool }

Update config

Edit ansible/group_vars/all/main.yml, and edit the recipe_default_config dictionary, adding the necessary values, like this:

  enabled: true
  helm_chart_namespace: traefik
  helm_chart_name: traefik
  helm_chart_repo: traefik
  helm_chart_version: latest    

That's it!

What, that's all? So easy?

Yes, but remember all they playbook does in the case of a flux deployment is to create the necessary files for the user to customize themselves, since it's impractical to try to contain any chart config within our playbook!