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Got nothing to contribute, but want to give back to the community? Here are some ideas:

  1. Star ⭐ the repo
  2. Sponsor ❤ the chef
  3. Tweet 🐦 the meat!

Contributing bugfixes 🐛

Found a typo / error in a recipe? Each recipe includes a link to make the fix, directly on GitHub:

Click the link to edit the recipe in Markdown format, and save to create a pull request!

Here's a 113-second video illustrating the process!

Contributing recipes 🎁

Want to contributing an entirely new recipe! Awesome!

The process is basically:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone your forked repo locally
  3. Make a new branch for your recipe (not strictly necessary, but it helps to differentiate multiple in-flight recipes)
  4. Create your new recipe as a markdown file within the existing structure of the manuscript folder
  5. Add your recipe to the navigation by editing mkdocs.yml
  6. Test locally by running ./scripts/ in the repo folder (this launches a preview in Docker), and navigating to http://localhost:8123
  7. Rinse and repeat until you're ready to submit a PR
  8. Create a pull request via the GitHub UI
  9. The pull request will trigger the creation of a preview environment, as illustrated below. Use the deploy preview to confirm that your recipe is as tasty as possible!

Contributing skillz 💪

Got mad skillz, but neither the time nor inclination for recipe-cooking? Jump into Discord or Discourse, and help your fellow geeks with their questions, or just hang out bump up our member count!

Tip your waiter (sponsor me) 👏

Did you receive excellent service? Want to make your waiter happy? (..and support development of current and future recipes!) Sponsor me on Github / Patreon, or see the support page for more (free or paid) ways to say thank you! 👏

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    Last update: June 25, 2020