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Having difficulty with a recipe? Here are some tips..

Why is my stack not launching?

Run docker stack ps <stack name> --no-trunc for more details on why individual containers failed to launching

Attaching to running container

Need to debug why your oauth2_proxy container can't talk to its upstream app? Start by identifying which node the proxy container is running on, using docker ps <stack name>.

SSH to the host node, and attach to the container using docker exec -it <continer id> /bin/bash (substitute /bin/ash for /bin/bash, in the case of an Alpine container), and then try to telnet to your upstream host.

Watching logs of container

Need to see what a particular container is doing? Run docker service logs -f <stack name>_<container name> to watch a particular service. As the service dies and is recreated, the logs will continue to be displayed.

Visually monitoring containers with ctop

For a visual "top-like" display of your container's activity (as well as a detailed per-container view), try using ctop.

To execute, simply run docker run --rm -ti --name ctop -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock


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