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This category lists the posts which highlight new and improved recipes in Funky Penguin's Geek Cookbook. The idea is that subscribing to the RSS feed will provide automatic notification of fresh recipes!

Added recipe for Kubernetes Dashboard with OIDC auth

Unless you're a cave-dwelling CLI geek like me, you might prefer a beautiful web-based dashboard to administer your Kubernetes cluster.

Screenshot of Kubernetes Dashboard

I've recently documented the necessary building blocks to make the dashboard work with your OIDC-enabled cluster, such that a simple browser login will give you authenticated access to the dashboard, with the option to add more users / tiered access, based on your OIDC provider.

Here's all the pieces you need..

Added recipe for Nomie (swarm)

Do you wish you had a chart showing your exercise, weight, or pooping 💩 trends over the past month? Nomie is a beautiful life/self-tracking app, an 8-year labor of love from developer Brandon Corbin.

Brandon has recently shut down the commercially hosted version of Nomie, but open-sourced all the code, so one of the geekier alternatives, buyoued by the still-passionate community of users, is to run your own Nomie instance...

Added recipe for Invidious (swarm)

Are you tired of second-guessing the YouTube links your friends send you, afraid that you'll forever see weird videos recommended to you as a result? I found myself avoiding unknown links for this reason, and so deployed an instance of Invidious to act as a private, non-tracking frontend to YouTube..