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Prowlarr in Autopirate Docker Swarm stack

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This is not a complete recipe - it's a component of the AutoPirate "uber-recipe", but has been split into its own page to reduce complexity.

Prowlarr is an indexer manager/proxy built on the popular arr .net/reactjs base stack to integrate with your various PVR apps.

Prowlarr supports management of both Torrent Trackers and Usenet Indexers. It integrates seamlessly with Lidarr, Mylar3, Radarr, Readarr, and Sonarr offering complete management of your indexers with no per app Indexer setup required!

Prowlarr Screenshot

Fancy features include:

  • Usenet support for 24 indexers natively, including Headphones VIP, and support for any Newznab compatible indexer via "Generic Newznab"
  • Torrent support for over 500 trackers with more added all the time
  • Torrent support for any Torznab compatible tracker via "Generic Torznab"
  • Indexer Sync to Sonarr/Radarr/Readarr/Lidarr/Mylar3, so no manual configuration of the other applications are required
  • Indexer history and statistics
  • Manual searching of Trackers & Indexers at a category level
  • Support for pushing releases directly to your download clients from Prowlarr
  • Indexer health and status notifications
  • Per Indexer proxy support (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, Flaresolverr)

Inclusion into AutoPirate

To include Prowlarr in your AutoPirate stack, include something like the following example in your autopirate.yml docker-compose stack definition file:

    env_file: /var/data/config/prowlarr/prowlarr.env
      - /var/data/media/:/media
      - /var/data/prowlarr:/config
      replicas: 1
        # traefik
        - traefik.enable=true

        # traefikv1
        - traefik.port=9696
        - traefik.frontend.auth.forward.address=http://traefik-forward-auth:4181
        - traefik.frontend.auth.forward.authResponseHeaders=X-Forwarded-User
        - traefik.frontend.auth.forward.trustForwardHeader=true        

        # traefikv2
        - "traefik.http.routers.prowlarr.rule=Host(``)"
        - "traefik.http.routers.prowlarr.entrypoints=https"
        - ""
        - "traefik.http.routers.prowlarr.middlewares=forward-auth"
      - internal
      - autopiratev2_public 

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Assemble more tools..

Continue through the list of tools below, adding whichever tools your want to use, and finishing with the end section:

Prowlarr vs Jackett

Prowlarr and Jackett perform similar roles (they help you aggregate indexers), but Prowlarr includes the following advantages over Jackett:

  1. Prowlarr can search both Usenet and Torrent indexers
  2. Given app API keys, Prowlarr can auto-configuer your Arr apps, adding its indexers. Prowlarr currently auto-configures Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr, Mylar, Readarr, and LazyLibrarian
  3. Prowlarr can integrate with Flaresolverr to make it possible to query indexers behind Cloudflare "are-you-a-robot" protection, which would otherwise not be possible.

Chef's notes 📓

  1. Because Prowlarr is so young (just a little kitten! 🐱), there is no :latest image tag yet, so we're using the :nightly tag instead. Don't come crying to me if baby-Prowlarr bites your ass! 

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