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Data layout

The applications deployed in the stack utilize a combination of data-at-rest (static config, files, etc) and runtime data (live database files). The realtime data can't be [backed up][duplicity] with a simple copy-paste, so where we employ databases, we also include containers to perform a regular export of database data to a filesystem location.

So that we can confidently backup all our data, I've setup a data layout as per the following example:

Configuration data

Configuration data goes into /var/data/config/[recipe name], and is typically only a docker-compose .yml, and a .env file

Runtime data

Runtime data (typically database files or files-in-use) are stored in /var/data/runtime/[recipe-name], and are excluded from backup (They change constantly, and cannot be safely restored).

Static data

Static data goes into /var/data/[recipe name], and includes anything that can be safely backed up while a container is running. This includes database exports of the runtime data above.