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Let's build your awesome selfhosted platform together!

Welcome, fellow geek 👋 If you're impatient, just start here 👇

  • Dive into Docker Swarm

    The quickest way to get started, and to get your head around the basics.

  • Kick it with Kubernetes

    Been around for a while? Got a high pain threshold? Jump in!

  • Geek out in Discord

    Join the fun, chat with fellow geeks in realtime!

  • Fast-track with 🚀 Premix!

    Life's too short? Fast-track your stack with Premix!

What to expect

The "Geek Cookbook" is a collection of how-to guides for establishing your own container-based awesome selfhosted platform, using either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Running such a platform enables you to run selfhosted services such as the AutoPirate (Radarr, Sonarr, NZBGet and friends) stack, Plex, NextCloud etc, and includes elements such as:

Recent updates and additions are posted on the blog, and there's a friendly community of like-minded geeks in the Discord server.

How will this benefit me?

You already have a familiarity with concepts such as virtual machines, Docker containers, LetsEncrypt SSL certificates, databases, and command-line interfaces.

You've probably played with self-hosting some mainstream apps yourself, like Plex, NextCloud, Wordpress or Ghost.

So if you're familiar enough with the concepts above, and you've done self-hosting before, why would you read any further?

  1. You want to upskill. You want to work with container orchestration, Prometheus and Grafana, Kubernetes
  2. You want to play. You want a safe sandbox to test new tools, keeping the ones you want and tossing the ones you don't.
  3. You want reliability. Once you go from playing with a tool to actually using it, you want it to be available when you need it. Having to "quickly ssh into the basement server and restart plex" doesn't cut it when you finally convince your wife to sit down with you to watch sci-fi 🤖

Testimonials useful the recipes are for people just getting started with containers...

"One of the surprising realizations from following Funky Penguins cookbooks for so long is how useful the recipes are for people just getting started with containers and how it gives them real, interesting usecases to attach to their learning" - DevOps Daniel (@DanielSHouston)

He unblocked me on all the technical hurdles to launching my SaaS in GKE!

By the time I had enlisted Funky Penguin's help, I'd architected myself into a bit of a nightmare with Kubernetes. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I'd made a mess of it. Funky Penguin (David) was able to jump right in and offer a vital second-think on everything I'd done, pointing out where things could be simplified and streamlined, and better alternatives.

He unblocked me on all the technical hurdles to launching my SaaS in GKE!

With him delivering the container/Kubernetes architecture and helm CI/CD workflow, I was freed up to focus on coding and design, which fast-tracked me to launching on time. And now I have a simple deployment process that is easy for me to execute and maintain as a solo founder.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for your project, and I'll certainly be calling on him again in the future.

-- John McDowall, Founder, (since defunct, not my fault!)

Who made this?

👋 Hi, I'm David

I’ve spent 20+ years working with technology. I’m a solution architect, with a broad range of experience and skills. I'm a full-time AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional), a CNCF-Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Application Developer and Security Specialist.

What do you want from me?

I want your support, either in the financial sense, or as a member of our friendly geek community (or both!)

Get in touch 💬

  • Come and say hi to me and the friendly geeks in the Discord chat or the Discourse forums - say hi, ask a question, or suggest a new recipe!
  • Toot me up, I'm @funkypenguin! 🐘
  • Contact me by a variety of channels

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