Discord: Where the cool kids are

All the cool kids are hanging out in the Discord server.

"Eh? What's Discord? Get off my lawn, young whippersnappers!!"

Yeah, I know. I also thought Discord was just for the gamer kids, but it turns out it's great for a geeky community. Why? Let me elucidate ya...

  1. Native markdown for code blocks
  2. Drag-drop screenshots
  3. Costs nothing, no ads
  4. Mobile notifications are reliable, individual channels mutable, etc

Forums: Party like it's 1999

For community support and engagement, I've setup a Discourse forum. Using this as the primary means of topical discussions makes it easy to share recipes / experiences with future geeks.

Discuss a recipe

Every recipe includes a section at the end for comments.

If you have a comment / question about a specific recipe, navigate to the recipe, scroll to the bottom, and add your comment. You'll be sent to the kitchen to post the actual comment, but it'll be visible beneath the recipe and at the kitchen. (To post, you'll need to sign in using OAuth from github, google, etc, or create a new account)

Request a recipe

I'd love to hear your ideas for more recipes. To request/suggest a recipe, create a new post in the kitchen with the details.

Spit out a bug

Found a bug in your soup? Tell the chef by either:

  1. Commenting on the recipe (see above), or
  2. Submitting an issue against the github repo

Tip the chef

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The best way to support this work is to become a patron (Patreon) or a Sponsor (github) (for as little as $1/month!) - You get :

  • warm fuzzies,
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  • an anonymous plug you can pull at any time,
  • and a bunch more loot based on tier

.. and I get some pocket money every month to buy wine, cheese, and cryptocurrency! 🍷 💰

Impulsively click here (NOW quick do it!) to patronize me, or instead thoughtfully and analytically review my Patreon page / history here and make up your own mind.

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Come and hang out in Discord..

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