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How to geek out on Discourse

If you're not into the new-fangled microblogging of Mastodon, or realtime chatting of Discord, can still party with us like it's 2001, using our Discourse forums (this is also how all the recipe comments work).

Discourse Screenshot

How to post

To post on the forum, first sign up using either social signons (Twitter, Discord, Google, etc), or by (old-skool cool!) creating a unique username / password.

Code of Conduct

With the goal of creating a safe and inclusive community, we've adopted the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, as described here.

Reporting abuse

To report either a topic or a post as a violation of our code of conduct, use the "Flag" button as illustrated below:

Reporting abuse in Discourse

The topic / post will be highlighted to moderators, who will address the issue as detailed in the enforcement guidelines.