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Recent additions

Recipe Description Date
Mastodon (K8s) Kubernetes version of the Mastodon recipe below 8 Aug 2022
Mastodon Federated social network. Think "twitter but like email" 5 Aug 2022
Kavita "Rocket-fueled" reader for manga/comics/ebooks, able to save reading position across devices/sessions 27 Jul 2022
Authelia Authentication and two factor authorization server with Authelia 1 Nov 2021
Prowlarr An indexer manager/proxy built on the popular arr .net/reactjs base stack to integrate with the AutoPirate friends 27 Oct 2021
Archivebox Website Archiving service to save websites to view offline 19 Oct 2021
Readarr Autopirate component to grab and manage eBooks (think "Sonarr/Radarr for books") 18 Oct 2021

Recent updates

Recipe Description Date
Authelia Updated with test services, fixed errors 27 Jul 2022
Minio Major update to Minio recipe, for new Console UI and Traefik v2 22 Oct 2021
Traefik Forward Auth Major update for Traefik v2, included instructions for Dex, Google, Keycloak 29 Jan 2021
Autopirate Updated all components for Traefik v2 labels 29 Jan 2021

Recent reviews

Recipe Description Date
Mastodon First review 9 Aug 2022
Immich First review 3 Aug 2022

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