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Recently added recipes

  • Added PrivateBin, a self-hosted pastebin alternative (5 Nov 2018)
  • Added Realms, another git-based wiki, like Gollum, but including basic user auth and registration
  • Added a list of useful funkypenguin Docker containers (7 Oct 2018)
  • Added Swarmprom, the sexiest way visualise detailed performance metrics from your swarm (17 Sep 2018)
  • Added BookStack, lightweight personal documentation platform (20 Aug 2018)

Recent improvements

  • Autopirate uber-recipe updated for Heimdall (an application-launching dashboard with support for inline stats from supported applications) (7 Oct 2018)
  • Autopirate uber-recipe updated for Lidarr (like Sonarr/Radarr for music, an alternative to Headphones) (19 Sep 2018)
  • GitLab recipe updated with missing env variables, brought up to scratch with more recent design conventions (14 Jun 2018)
  • SABnzbd component of autopirate recipe updated for new hostname validation check in recent version (10 Jun 2018)