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Recently added recipes

  • Added Athena Pool, a mining pool for TurtleCoin's newborn baby sister
  • Added Munin, gatherer of highly details performance stats (21 Jun 2018)
  • Added OwnTracks, personal mobile location platform (17 Jun 2018)
  • Added NZBHydra2 to autopirate stack (9 Jun 2018)
  • Added a list of sponsored projects which I regularly donate to, to keep the geeky ingredients fresh! (8 Jun 2018)
  • Turtle Pool - A mining pool for the fun, friendly, no-BS, still-in-its-infancy cryptocurrency, "TurtleCoin" (7 May 2018

Recent improvements

  • GitLab recipe updated with missing env variables, brought up to scratch with more recent design conventions (14 Jun 2018)
  • SABnzbd component of autopirate recipe updated for new hostname validation check in recent version (10 Jun 2018)
  • Lazy Librarian component of autopirate recipe updated to include calibre-server, so that downloaded ebooks can be automatically added to a calibre library, to then be independently managed using Calibre-Web (27 May 2018)
  • Miniflux updated to version 2.0, including PostgreSQL database and nightly DB dumps (24 May 2018)
  • Turtle Pool updated for redundant daemons plus a failsafe (16 May 2018)
  • "Disengaged" AutoPirate uber-recipe into individual sub-recipies per-page, easing navigation and support / comment flow
  • Switched Emby to official docker container (more up-to-date) (27 Mar 2018)
  • Docker Swarm Mode setup updated for automatic container updates (Shepherd)
  • Kanboard recipe improved with the inclusion of a cron container to run automated daily jobs (22 Dec 2017)