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Recent additions to work-in-progress

  • Kubernetes recipes for UniFi controller, Miniflux, Kanboard and PrivateBin coming in March! (19 Mar 2019)

Recently added recipes

  • Added Kubernetes version of Miniflux recipe, a minimalistic RSS reader supporting the Fever API (26 Mar 2019)
  • Added Kubernetes version of Kanboard recipe, a lightweight, well-supported Kanban tool for visualizing your work (19 Mar 2019)
  • Added Minio, a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for large-scale private cloud infrastructure, but perfect for simple use cases where emulating AWS S3 is useful. (27 Jan 2019)
  • Added the beginning of the Kubernetes design, including a getting started on using Digital Ocean, and a WIP recipe for an MQTT broker (21 Jan 2019)
  • ElkarBackup, a beautiful GUI-based backup solution built on rsync/rsnapshot (1 Jan 2019)

Recent improvements