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Recent additions

Recipe Description Date
Mealie Delicious, API-driven recipe manager, able to scrape-and-import recipes from a URL 🧑‍🍳 4 Feb 2021
Funkwhale Enjoy, share, and federate your music in your own funky "pod". Think "Mastodon for Music" 🐳 🎵 28 Jan 2021
CyberChef A web-based collection of useful tools for INFOSEC work, by the GCHQ 19 Jan 2021
Linx Quickly and securely share media/files with optional password-protection and expiry 13 Jan 2021
Komga Beautiful interface to manage and enjoy your comics / graphic novels 5 Jan 2021
Photoprism Self-hosted photo-management app incorporating automated tagging using Tensorflow 6 Aug 2020

Recent updates

Recipe Description Date
Traefik Forward Auth Major update for Traefik v2, included instructions for Dex, Google, KeyCloak 29 Jan 2021
Autopirate Updated all components for Traefik v2 labels 29 Jan 2021
Portainer Bump to version 2, bringing "expert simplicity" to your Docker stack management 25 Jan 2021

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